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We are a group of students deeply interested in Entertainment Art/Concept Art/CG.

We are no professionals, just enthusiasts.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to help other entertainment art learners learn more efficiently by sharing resources and information we find useful. We document our learning journey and present to you our true, personal experience.

What do we offer to our subscribers?

Artist Interview Summary  

Because most artist interviews are about 1-2 hours long and few provide a content table, we provide summaries that capture the main topics discussed in the interview, inspiring quotes from the interviewer/ interviewee, and our own insights on some topics.

Art Analysis

Studying great artists is one of the most helpful ways to improve. By studying the work of artists better than you, you naturally pick up the tendencies and good habits of the great masters. However, sometimes, identifying what we can learn from the old masters is a difficult task. We hope that, by writing a blog analyzing the work of masters, we can help you identify what to learn by looking at great paintings.

Artist Spotlight

Each week, we recommend a concept artist who we think is worth following along with their artwork. But it’s not plain sharing. We dig deep into the artists’ personal experiences and find out the secret sauce of their success: what practice do they do? what classes do they take? inspiring stories? advice for others? etc.

Artist Interviews by Us

Different from other interviews which focus on artists who are experienced or popular, MG’s interviews seek to discover artists who are relatively new to the concept art industry. And how cool is it to see their journey from the start?

Course Review (YouTube)

Some members of MG are actively taking paid online classes. By sharing our thoughts on the course, we hope you can have a more thorough preview of the course and decide for yourself if the course is for you. Course reviews typically consist:

  • our big takeaways from the course
  • what part of the course makes it stand out
  • what level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, all levels) the course is at
  • our homework assignment demos or the before-and-after comparison of our artwork.

Tutorials/Demos (YouTube)

When we learn something, we turn around and share it with you. It’s best to learn from someone who’s just ahead of you.

Still Hesitant?

Beginners teach beginners the best. Many professionals forget their experiences as a beginner, just like people forget what being a child means. We are learners ourselves, and we know what a learner wants.

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