Artist Spotlight | TB Choi

Artist Spotlight | TB Choi
TB Choi

TB Choi is a Korean character concept artist based in Los Angeles, California. She is currently working for Riot Games, contributing to their game Valorant, but has also worked on League of Legends as well. Her other clients include EA, Netflix, Adobe, Epic Games, Blizzard, Guerilla Games, Sony Pictures, and many more.

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Table of Contents

League of Legends Character Illustration

Character Designs

TB Choi’s character concept work showcases her immense creativity and strength in sketching, linework, and digital painting/rendering.

Various Art Styles

Impressively, she is capable of adapting to other various art styles by case.

Understanding of Human Anatomy

Importantly, her fundamentals and understanding of human anatomy are excellent. She is able to draw characters in various body shapes, poses, and perspectives while still maintaining their anatomical accuracy.


Let’s not forget about her fun, dynamic, and immersive compositions/scenarios… Her character storytelling is amazing.

Online Classes

All while being a concept artist, TB Choi has been sharing her artistic knowledge and teaching many workshops and online classes at schools or academies such as LAELAPS Academy. She even made her own online class which took off in the beginning of this year. You can check it out at: