Artist Spotlight l Guweiz

This week’s Artist Spotlight introduces freelance 2D illustrator, Guweiz, who is known for his muted color palettes, value range, and use of lighting and contrast.

Artist Spotlight l Guweiz

⚠CW: Blood, slight gore, violence⚠


In this week’s Artist Spotlight, we will be examining a freelance 2D illustrator who goes by Guweiz. All his works have a dark, gloomy atmosphere, but Guweiz’s use of values and lighting also influence his visual identity.

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'Quiet dream' 2021
'Street' 2022
'Untitled' 2021

Though his pieces all have a muted color palette, Guweiz works with a range of values to create a ‘boundary’ between his character(s) and the background. Different sets of values for different subjects play a huge role in Guweiz’s works. Less contrast in the background creates atmospheric depth, and Guweiz’s work is a perfect example.

'Back office' 2020
'Train stop' 2020
'Bridge' 2021

Additionally, the use of darker palettes in the foreground/midground vs. a lighter palette in the background helps the viewer focus on different subjects more clearly.

'Bad guys 2' 2020

Though Guweiz sticks to dark colors, almost reaching pure black, his lighting also ties in with his use of values. In some of his pieces, there’s a glow coming from one or multiple sources. Specifically, in one of his pieces, Bad guys, Guweiz uses muted colors in the background and characters, but there’s a sudden contrast in lighting originating from the light in the bottom left corner.

'Bad guys' 2020
'Bad guys 2' 2020

Through his understanding of values and comfortable use of muted color palettes, Guweiz creates a visual identity for himself.

'Cleaning' 2022
'Fast food' 2021
'Seat' 2022

Check out Guweiz on his Instagram | Twitter | Artstation | Facebook!