Artist Spotlight | Léa Pinto

Léa is a freelance artist based in Paris, France. Her paintings have lovely color schemes and amazing vibrancy. And most importantly, they are delicious.

Artist Spotlight | Léa Pinto
Holidays in Japan (from home) by Léa Pinto

Léa Pinto

Léa is a freelance artist based in Paris, France. She has worked on productions such as Dislyte, Apollo 10 ½, and Forest of Liars.

Her clients include Pinkman.TV, Barely Moving Pictures, Sony IMS, Illusorium Studios, Submarine, and Share Creators.

Check out Léa at her ArtStation | Instagram | Behance!

Personal Work - Back to sunny days
Personal Work - Subway to Hell 🤘
Personal Work - ONE_NIGHT_SHOT 💜

The hue variation in colors makes her paintings extremely fun to look at, and her control of satuation is just excellent.

And most importantly, her paintings are... delicious.

Burger Shop 🍔 Demo at New3dge Concept-Art

(Why isn't it lunchtime yet??)

Wanting more of Spider-Verse mood? Look no further! Check out Léa's exploration of the Spider-Verse style.

Monday morning into the SHERIFF-VERSE ☕️🍩

Léa also contributed to the recent critical-acclaimed animated film Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Adventure.

And again, delicious.

Apollo 10 ½ - Background painting & Concept art 🚀