Artist Spotlight | Pablo Carpio

This week, we present to you, the amazing Pablo Carpio! Check out his amazing works, early experience as an artist, and career development.

Artist Spotlight | Pablo Carpio

Artwork inspired by Red Dead Redemption II

Pablo Carpio
Pablo Carpio 

This week we are spotlighting Pablo Carpio, a Spanish freelance concept artist and production designer. He has worked on various projects including Dark Phoenix, Captain Marvel, and more.  

His clients include Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Marvel Studios, Warner Bros., MPC, Riot Games, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Wizards of the Coast, Insomniac Games, Tencent Games, Axis Animation, Duncan Studio, and Base FX.

Check out our synopsis of Pablo's interview with Schoolism:

Pablo Carpio Interview Summary
In this summary, you can get an insight into Pablo’s art journey, how he landed his first job, the concept art industry, and the secret sauce to his success.

Check out Pablo at his ArtStation | Instagram | Facebook!

Personal Keyframe Exploration
Early Keyframe Concepts for Captain Marvel

Pablo's use of light and composition makes him a great candidate for keyframe painter. His use of light and color captures the perfect mood, while his storytelling and composition techniques bring the audience into the dimension inside the painting.

He freely switches between sci-fi and fantasy; oh, have I not mentioned his mesmerizing depiction of nature?

Personal Projects

Besides keyframe, Pablo also demonstrates professionalism in his vehicle designs.

Check out his personal and work projects below.

Personal Work
Kree Escape Pod Design for Captain Marvel
Mar Vell's Imperial Cruiser Ship Design for Captain Marvel
the Accuser Ship Design for Captain Marvel

Early Experience

The early stage of Pablo's growth as an artist

Pablo started painting at a young age. Without any systematic instruction, he learned art through experimenting. He studied Fine Arts in college, and in his junior year, he realized that his passion for worldbuilding and keyframes for cinema has its own name – concept art. When he graduated, Pablo decided to stay home for 2 years so he can focus on honing his skills and crafting his portfolio for concept art.

I started pushing myself like working eight hours a day doing personal work. I was posting on ArtStation pretty much every three days or something like that.
Personal Work from 2014
Personal Work from 2015
Personal Work from 2016

Besides producing personal work at the devil's speed, Pablo actively participated in art challenges to push himself harder and "see how the pipeline works". These experiences allowed him to grow his network and meet new opportunities.

Pablo's Entry for ILM Art Department Challenge 2016

Pablo's Honorable Mention Submission to 2017 ArtStation Challenge Beyond Human